IMG_1759This website is all about an obsession with power boating. It all started in August 2009, when browsing with a friend through eBay we came across a Fletcher speedboat. It looked fun, and knowing nothing else at all it had to be ours. Shortly later it was parked on the driveway and little did I know my life had been changed forever.

So here I am over 5 years later, finally getting around to documenting my experiences both good and bad. Ultimately I want to share the trips I have done, the places I have been and the lessons I have learnt, and the projects that allowed this to happen.

How to use this site:

Choose a menu item on the left or upper menu. If you want to read the background behind the boat then go straight to projects and choose the sub menu project you wish to read about. If you pick the Projects or Trip Diaries link directly, it will take you to the most recent activity relating to the relevant category.

A final note:

I am in the process of adding content by date, but starting with the oldest stuff first in order for it all to make sense. Most of the content was already posted on other forums but I’ve decided to make it all central to here, so it shouldn’t take long to move over! There is A LOT of content to add, so please pop back often to see how things are progressing :)

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